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Speedy Lift Roadside Assistance is a trusted provider of professional and reliable towing and roadside assistance services. Our mission is to deliver swift and efficient solutions to drivers in need, ensuring their safety and peace of mind on the road.


We’ll come to save you and your car!

At Speedy Lift Roadside Assistance, we understand that sometimes your vehicle may require towing due to a breakdown, accident, or any other circumstance. Our towing services are designed to safely transport your vehicle to a repair facility or the destination of your choice.

We understand that vehicle emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why our towing services are available round the clock, including weekends and holidays. You can rely on us for assistance whenever you need it.


Speedy Lift Roadside Assistance offers a range of towing services to cater to different vehicles and situations. Here are the towing services we provide:


Our regular towing service is suitable for cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and other light vehicles. If your vehicle breaks down, experiences a mechanical issue, or needs to be transported for repair or maintenance, our regular towing service can safely transport it to the desired location.


We understand that heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or commercial vehicles, require specialized towing equipment and expertise. Our heavy truck towing service is designed to handle larger and heavier vehicles, ensuring safe transportation to the designated destination.


In the event of an emergency, such as a car accident or sudden breakdown, our emergency towing service is available to provide immediate assistance. Our team will quickly respond to your call and tow your vehicle to a secure location or repair facility.


Wheel lift towing is a method used for towing vehicles with precision and minimal contact. It is particularly useful for vehicles that are parked in tight spaces, have low ground clearance, or require careful handling. Our wheel lift towing service ensures the safe transportation of your vehicle.


If your vehicle is stuck in a difficult terrain, such as mud, snow, or a ditch, our vehicle recovery service can help. Our skilled technicians and specialized equipment will work to recover your vehicle safely and get it back on the road or transport it to a suitable location.

tire change


If you experience a flat tire, our technicians can assist you with tire changes. They will safely remove the damaged tire and replace it with your spare tire, ensuring that you can continue your journey.

fuel delivery


Running out of fuel can be a frustrating situation. Our team can deliver a sufficient amount of fuel to your location, helping you reach the nearest gas station and get back on the road without further delay.

car lockout


Accidentally locking your keys inside your vehicle can be a stressful experience. Our experts are equipped with the tools and techniques to safely unlock your car and retrieve your keys, allowing you to regain access to your vehicle.

winch out services


If your vehicle is stuck in mud, snow, a ditch, or any other challenging terrain, our winch out service can assist you. Using specialized equipment, we can safely recover your vehicle and get it back on the road.

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wheel lift towing

Quick Response, Quality Service – Choose Speedy Lift Roadside Assistance

Prompt and Reliable Service: We prioritize your safety and understand the urgency of roadside emergencies. Our team is available around the clock, ready to respond quickly to your call and provide timely assistance. You can rely on us to arrive promptly and efficiently handle your roadside issue.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: We equip our technicians with modern and well-maintained tools and equipment. This enables them to handle roadside situations efficiently and safely, minimizing the risk of further damage to your vehicle.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations with our service. Our friendly and professional team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the assistance you need in a respectful and courteous manner.

Our Happy Clients!

Our team of knowledgeable mechanics collaborates to guarantee timely service. Your enjoyment is our top priority, and we appreciate any criticism or suggestions you may have.

“This was my first time using a tow service, so it was fortunate that the driver did assist us easily. It was reasonably priced as well. I’m quite grateful for it.”

Gilberto Roach

Towing Customer

“I highly recommend Speedy Lift Roadside Assistance. They went above and above to assist their tow truck drivers in rescuing my husband’s truck from a snow-covered ditch.”

Kale Nicholson

Towing Customer

“They are trustworthy and punctual. The representative who took my information was cordial and informed. Thanks a lot!”

Josh Atkinson

Towing Customer